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ANZLIC The Spatial Information Council
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Site map

About us

The history and activities of ANZLIC, its structure, strategic partners and members.

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Reports, policy statements and guidelines, technical specifications, information sheets prepared by or on behalf of ANZLIC. Archived publications are also available for reference purposes.

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Policies & guidelines

ANZLIC's current best practice policies and guidelines, including custodianship guidelines, spatial data management policy, metadata guidelines, access and pricing policy, and privacy and liability guidelines.

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Roles of the public and private sectors (represented by ANZLIC and ASIBA respectively), the professional associations and the research and development community (represented by the Spatial Sciences Institute) in forming a strong spatial information industry in Australia and developing global markets.

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Spatial Data Infrastructures

ANZLIC's vision for the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure and information about its constituent components including the Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD), standards and metadata. Examples of other data infrastructures.

Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure | other spatial data infrastructures

Current topics

Spatial data and informationis being applied in a diverse range of communities of practice.

industry growth | land administration reform | natural resources management | emergency management & national security | local government | national research priorities


Useful links to peak national organisations.