Land Parcel and Property

Theme Sponsor: ANZLIC (interim arrangement)

Description: A land parcel is an area of land with defined boundaries, under unique ownership for specific real property rights. A property is something that is capable of being owned, either in the form of real property (land) or personal property (chattels).  The interest can involve physical aspects, such as the use of land, or conceptual rights, such as a right to use the land in the future.

The cadastre is an up to date parcel based land information system which contains a record of interests in land (i.e. rights, restrictions and responsibilities).  The cadastre includes a geometric description of land parcels linked to other records describing the nature of the interests, the ownership or control of those interests, and often the value of the parcel and its improvements. A cadastral product or service visualises the boundaries of land parcels, often buildings on land, the parcel identifier, basic topographic features and sometimes boundary corner monumentation.

The land parcel and property theme provides the basic fabric of land ownership.  It consists of the national cadastral database and associated parcel and property information. Descriptive data includes the identifier, tenure, ownership type, size, value, land use and legal rights or restrictions associated with each separate land object.

Committees: ICSM Permanent Committee on Cadastre, ePlan Working Group.

Standards: AS/NZS ISO 19115 - ANZLIC Metadata Profile Version 1.1
                  AS/NZS ISO 19131:2008 Geographic Information – Data product specifications
                  OGC compliant web services (WMS)

Datasets: PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA) provides national coverage datasets (derived from jurisdictional data) including:
- CadLite® which contains a seamless national database of cadastral boundaries, excluding easements and road drainage easements, and parcel identifiers which are compatible with jurisdictional land titles.
- Land Tenure which contains classified land parcels.