Land Cover

Theme Sponsor: ANZLIC (interim arrangement)

Description: Land cover is the observed biophysical cover on the Earth’s surface including trees, shrubs, grasses, soils, exposed rocks and water bodies, as well as anthropogenic elements such as plantations, crops and built environments. Land cover changes for many reasons, including seasonal weather, severe weather events such as cyclones, floods and fires, and human activities such as mining, agriculture and urbanisation.

Committees: TBC.

Standards: TBC.


Dataset Coverage Temporal Range Custodian
Dynamic Land Cover Data set National   Geoscience Australia
Fractional Ground Cover National   Geoscience Australia
NVIS National Vegetation Information System National   Department of Environment
National topographic data National   Geoscience Australia
National Forest Inventory National   Department of Agriculture
ACLUMP Land Use mapping data sets National   Department of Agriculture
Soil and land capability National   CSIRO
Water Observations from Space (WOfS) National   TBC
National Carbon Accounting System National   Department of Environment