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Data quality


Users are able to easily ascertain the quality of existing spatial data and its fitness to meet their needs.


Availability of metadata is the key to providing users with documentation about data quality. A major priority for action, identified in the 2001 Review of the ASDD, is to improve the data quality information in metadata records lodged with the ASDD. The standing committee supports implementation of international (ISO) metadata standards as a priority.


Promote use of best practices in spatial data management, including adoption and use of data quality documentation standards.


  • Approve a minimum set of ASDI-endorsed data quality standards, especially ISO 19115 and ISO 19139 needed in commercial software products;
  • Promulgate the ICSM Harmonised Data Model (HDM) and published best practice (eg. SP1), and the quality statements contained therein;
  • Promote further improvement of the quality of metadata records held by ASDD nodes.

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