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Spatial data sources conform to common standards that enable integration with other data, where such integration enables efficient and effective solutions for users.


Just as important as interoperability, is the ability to integrate data to improve its usability. The true value of many datasets are realised when they are integrated with companion datasets to allow spatial analysis to occur. Standards relevant to the ASDI in general should be focused on making individual data and systems fit/work together. Areas for integration need to be defined by user needs rather than because a standard exists. There is a need to consider privacy issues, as they can restrict some forms of data integration.


Identify priorities and support development of nationally consistent and integratable spatial data sets that meet demonstrated user needs; promote adoption of common classification systems, spatial referencing and content standards, data models and other common models to facilitate data development, sharing and use of these data sets; encourage data providers to make priority data sets available through the ASDI.


  • Support and promulgate a minimum set of “best practice” data standards (primarily based on ISO 191** series) that facilitate integratability and develop reference implementations to encourage broad uptake;
  • Support the user-driven development of integrated national data sets by groups such as PSMA Australia;
  • ICSM to take the lead on spatial referencing standards and monitor the uptake nationally of the Harmonised Data Model.

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