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Data access


Spatial data users are able to find and access existing data sources and services with minimum impediments.


The SDI Standing Committee is to take a lead on data access issues.

A number of issues need to be addressed, including:

  • The desirability of common legislation across jurisdictions to assist access to spatial data, especially by the private sector.
  • Users need to be aware of the availability of existing data.
  • Government access to private sector records.
  • Knowing what data exists will assist users to lobby for access, recognising that the private sector is now better placed to lobby for access through the emergence of ASIBA.

There are some impediments found by agencies in making data accessible. Best practice data access guidelines should be provided for agency personnel to follow to assist them in addressing and overcoming these impediments.


Encourage data sources and service providers to advise potential users about the availability of their spatial data and services; support development of tools that assist users find and access existing spatial data and services; assist spatial data and service providers to develop consistent policies and best practice procedures that minimise regulatory and administrative barriers to access; develop communication mechanisms to assist users to be heard on access needs.


  • Improve the content coverage of metadata records and useability of the existing Australian Spatial Data Directory (ASDD) to improve information about available data sources;
  • Update existing ANZLIC policies, guidelines and protocols to reflect the new ASDI vision and priorities;
  • Develop “best practice” toolkits that include use of the ASDI;
  • Develop user feedback mechanisms in all aspects of ASDI implementation, especially the ASDD;
  • Encourage the development of web portals (national, State, local) eg. AusDIN and NR Atlases, to provide access to ASDI, data and related services.

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