Geocoded Addressing

Theme Sponsor: ANZLIC (interim arrangement)

Description: Addressing is the specific identification of a fixed location (for example, a plot of land, building, part of a building, way of access or other construction) which is represented by a structured composition of place names and point identifiers. It may be further embellished with the inclusion of other valuable attributes including geocodes and Delivery Point Identifier (DPID).

Committees: ICSM Permanent Committee on Addressing.

Standards: AS/NZS 4819:2011 Rural and urban addressing
                  AS/NZS 4590:2006 Interchange of client information
                  AS/NZS ISO 19115 - ANZLIC Metadata Profile Version 1.1
                  AS/NZS ISO 19131:2008 Geographic Information – Data product specifications
                  OGC Compliant Web Feature and Web Map Services (WFS and WMS)
                  All tools and applications are to be compliant with the National Address Management Framework

Datasets: The two Australian nationally endorsed datasets available for addressing are:
                - The Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF®) (PSMA Australia Ltd) that enables validation of addresses and also provides a physical location for addresses.  It is derived from jurisdictional addressing information.
                - The Postal Address File (PAF®) (Australia Post) provides the bulk mail identifiers used to apply user discounts.