Elevation and Depth

Theme Sponsor: ANZLIC (interim arrangement)

Description: Elevation is the measurement of the Earth’s surface above or below a vertical datum to obtain either the height of the land or a bathymetric depth.  Elevation data is collected using a range of sensors, including laser, sonar, radar, optical remote sensing and survey techniques to derive spot heights, raster surfaces, contours, triangulated irregular networks and digital elevation models.

Committees: ICSM Bathymetry Working Group, Elevation Special interest Group.

Standards: AS/NZS ISO 19115 - ANZLIC Metadata Profile Version 1.1
                  OGC Compliant Web: Map; Feature; and Coverage Services (WMS, WFS, WCS)
                  ICSM LiDAR Specification and Tender Template and ICSM Guidelines for Digital Elevation Data
                  IHO S44 Standards for Hydrographic Surveys Special Publication No. 44
                  IHO S57 Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data Special Publication No. 57
                  IHO S100 Universal Hydrographic Data Model
                  S102 – IHO Geospatial Standard for Hydrographic Data Special Publication No. 102. Bathymetric Surface Product Specification
- Contours and Spot heights – including Coastline.
- Digital Elevation Models (DEM) – topography and bathymetry.
- Digital Surface Models (DSM) – topography and bathymetry.
- Medium (5m) to very high (1m), national, state/territory, regional and local government project-based datasets are also acquired and available through both jurisdictional and national distribution points.