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ASDI-L Mailing List Archive

From: Rob Atkinson ([email protected])
Date: Fri Oct 31 2003 - 11:42:25 EST

The WALIS atlas WMS server at
has recently suffered a downgrading of its compliance to the OpenGIS WMS
interface specifications. This is likely to be a simple configuration
issue. The service does not advertise a specific contact point so I have
sent this to the general

The specific problem noticed is that the return image formats advertised
 in :

are not actually supported by the server.

I have cc-ed this to the ASDI-L list as there may be many people
affected by this issue, as WALIS is commonly used as a reference site.
I'm sure however I speak for all when I say "keep up the good work"!
Please let us know ASAP when the problem is resolved.


Rob Atkinson
Social Change Online