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From: [email protected]
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 13:19:26 EST

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your feed back. Your email highlights a few factors
about which some people seem a bit confused.

Geoscience Australia manages the ASDD gateways on behalf of
ANZLIC. Part of this management is providing technical
documentation on how to participate in the ASDD search system
and making sure that the gateways are operating.

However, ANZLIC has control of the overall management of
the ASDD which includes the governance of the jurisdictional
ASDD nodes and their compliance with the ASDD requirements. Geoscience
Australia provides ANZLIC with information whether ASDD nodes are
complying with the requirements but I believe that
ANZLIC has the governance to enforce that compliance.

I will consider your comments and I will address some of them below:

Thanks for your prompt input.

I hope that this helps

John Hockaday

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Hockaday John
> Sent: Monday, 11 August 2003 12:17
> To: Hockaday John
> Subject: FW: Feedback on the ASDD
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jonathan Doig [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Monday, 11 August 2003 11:43
> To: Hockaday John
> Cc: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: Feedback on the ASDD
> John
> You didn't mention the ANZLIC survey of ASDD (usage?) done a
> year or two ago, but I assume you'd also be using this
> feedback. My recollection of the main finding from that
> survey was that those who knew of the ASDD thought it was
> pretty good, but only a small minority of potential users
> actually knew about it.

I agree that this is a very important issue. I also believe
that ANZLIC has the jurisdiction to advertise the ASDD. We
at Geoscience Australia certainly try to advertise the ASDD
where ever we can but we only manage the gateways not the
entire ASDD.

Maybe ANZLIC can provide some more advertising or comments
on this?

> Hence I'd suggest your main goal should be to increase usage.
> There are three things you might consider here:
> 1. Exposing the ASDD network content (ie ANZLIC records) to
> Google and other search engines. Each record should link back
> to the ASDD home page. If possible, this should be done in
> such a way that the pages are not exposed to spam crawlers,
> otherwise the most noticeable effect might be that all data
> custodians start getting spammed.

I think that it is a great idea to link to the ASDD from
the metadata HTML records. However, these records are managed
by the individual nodes which Geoscience Australia has no
control over. Some nodes do make their metadata records
accessible to the web browsers. Maybe ANZLIC can encourage
all the nodes to make their records available to the web
browsers and provide hypertext links to the ASDD.

I invite ANZLIC to respond to this suggestion.

> 2. Facilitating links from other sites by offering a stable,
> simple, documented search API. Eg if I could offer our users
> an ASDD-wide search from a search form on the CANRI website,
> I would do so. The details of this API should be worked out
> with input from interested site managers.

The ASDD gateways use the Z3950 protocol which is ISO 23950.
There is nothing stopping anyone using this protocol to search
the ASDD nodes from their own site. I believe that there
are at least three organisations already doing this. One
just needs to use or develop some software that performs
Z3950 search and retrievals on the ASDD nodes. The
information about the nodes is located at this URL:

All you need is the machine name which is running each zserver,
the port number on which the zserver is running and the
repository name.

Good luck!.

> 3. Promotion (email, newsletters, adverts, articles, etc)
> Regarding online linkages to ASDI services coming "some time
> later", I hope GA will take the lead in defining and
> implementing these in a national registry as part of the ASDI
> Action Plan being workshopped currently.

I find this very interesting. Does anyone else feel that
Geoscience Australia should coordinate a national ASDI
registry? Geoscience Australia is always interested in
participating in OpenGIS compliant services however, the
resource requirements have not been estimated nor allocated
to provide a national registry service. If someone can
suggest a method of providing the budget and personnel then
I'm sure Geoscience Australia will certainly consider the
proposal and the management of a registry once it is up and

> Will GA also seek formal input from ANZLIC jurisdictions
> before the ASDD upgrade?

The ASDD node managers have been asked to provide feedback.
ANZLIC may wish to forward my request for feedback onto the
Jurisdiction managers if they wish. I have no governance
in that area. Geoscience Australia only manages the ASDD
gateways. ANZLIC manages the ASDD as a whole.

> Regards
> Jonathan Doig
> Program Director
> Community Access to Natural Resources Information
> Manager Natural Resource Information Coordination
> Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources
> Ph: 02 9895 7781
> Mobile: 0409 049185
> Fax: 02 9895 7834
> PO Box 3720 Parramatta NSW 2124
> >>> <[email protected]> 11/08/2003 11:06:57 am >>>
> Hi All,
> First of all sorry for cross posting. (I want to
> give everyone a chance to see this message.)
> Secondly:
> Now that the migration of the ASDD gateways, and
> related interfaces, to
> have been completed we are looking at how to improve
> the ASDD. I encourage you to provide feedback on:
> 1. The ASDD home page,
> 2. The ASDD gateway search interfaces, and
> 3. The general ASDD web pages.
> Please note that any changes made to the ASDD web
> pages will take into account the following:
> 1. NOIE guidelines,
> 2. Accessibility guidelines,
> 3. The Australian Bureau of Statistics findings that:
> a) Less that five percent of Australian
> house holds have broad band.
> 5. The ASDD quarterly report findings that:
> a) More than 30% of Australian accesses
> could be from modems. IE. slow access.
> b) Less than 15% of searches are spatially
> related.
> 5. Integration to the ASDI web services will come
> some time later when an appropriate online link
> is officially accepted.
> I will start consolidating the feedback on the 1st of
> September 2003 so get your comments in by then! ;--)
> Thanks for your time.
> John Hockaday