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ASDI-L Mailing List Archive

From: David Crossley ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 14:23:18 EST

Rob Atkinson wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Good to see the continued focus on the move from documenting data sets
> to providing actual services!
> This specific approach has been tried several times overseas and has its
> advantages and disadvantages. One lesson is that for any approach to
> work there needs to be formal (and scalable) policy, information model
> and implementation plans behind it. Can you shed any further light on
> these three aspects of your experiment?

Thanks for taking the time to investigate and to provide comments.

No i cannot shed more light. There needs to be open discussion about
this in our community and not much seems to happen on the ASDI-L
discussion list. I hope that such demonstrations and experiments
will lead to discussions and hence informed policy making.