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ASDI-L Mailing List Archive

From: David Crossley ([email protected])
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 13:10:30 EST

The following search interface discovers datasets that are
also mapping services. This searches the current ASDD.
Use the default search, which finds the only two known records.

The relevant metadata records have an additional section of metadata
utilising the "linkage" elements from ISO metadata. This extends
the ANZLIC core metadata using the official extension facilities
to add Page 1 elements for the vital missing linkage elements.

In this way, we can describe each "layer" that is also a "service"
at a high-level using traditional metadata. This provides direct
linkage to each actual mapping service and to its "capability statement"
for the specific service information.

This also demonstrates one other very important aspect. Change the
default record syntax from HTML to XML, then you will see that the
"Resource" element set returns a fragment of XML. This enables
automated clients to search the ASDD for mapping services, and conduct
further processing to present the results and even automatically
retrieve each capability statement.

--David Crossley