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From: Jonathan Doig ([email protected])
Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 15:59:29 EST

Hi all
Here is a simple "network diagram" web page illustrating how
OpenGIS-compliant Web Map Servers and Web Feature Servers can be
accessed using WMS & WFS calls from a browser, and plugged into various
end-user applications. I used this in a presentation last Tuesday to the
NSW Spatial Data Sharing Initiative workshop.
I'm passing it on, as others may find it useful in understanding and
explaining OpenGIS concepts in action.
Note that several of the links are to pilot/demo applications and
servers using simulated test (dummy) data. Also I can't vouch for how
long these servers will stay accessible, though I'd expect them to stay
for weeks at least.
The presentation starts at
and the network diagram is at

Click the green > triangles to progress through the slides (that
includes the right hand arrow beneath the word "Internet" in the network
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