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the partnership with spatial information professionals

Historically, there have been a number of professional associations representing practitioners in the various disciplines comprising the spatial information industry.

Professional associations play an important role in the industry as advocates for people and practice issues. These issues include increasing the skill of people needed to provide valued services and to set ethical benchmarks for practitioners. Associations assist practitioners to improve the quality of services and earn the trust of users.

The Action Agenda acknowledged the need for a strong voice on these issues within the spatial information industry. The formation of a new institution representing spatial science professionals—the Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI)—on 4 April 2003 represents a significant step forward to fulfilling this need. This resulted from the successful vote by the members of the Australasian Urban and Regional Information Association (AURISA); the Mapping Sciences Institute, Australia (MSIA); the Institution of Surveyors, Australia (ISA); the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Association of Australasia (RSPAA); and the Institution of Engineering and Mining Surveyors, Australia (IEMSA) to combine those institutions into the one body.

ANZLIC supports the Spatial Sciences Institute and acknowledges the Institute as a peer national body.

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President:   Dr Marnie Leybourne
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