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partnerships with the natural resource management community

national land & water resources audit

ANZLIC has developed a strategic partnership with the National Land and Water Resources Audit (NLWRA), a body created by the Australian Government to improve land, water and vegetation management by providing better information to resource managers. This partnership has already led to:

  • a Data Access and Management Agreement between the National Land and Water Resources Audit and ANZLIC—the Spatial Information Council setting down the means of providing public access to a wide range of natural resource datasets, signed off by all governments (through ANZLIC) and the NLWRA.
  • recognition of ANZLIC's role to report on implementation of a national framework for natural resources information to the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council.
  • a request for ANZLIC to provide technical advice to natural resource theme coordinating bodies such as the Executive Steering Committee for Australian Land Use Management (ESCALUM) and the Executive Steering Committee for Vegetation Information (ESCAVI).

ANZLIC has representatives on all these bodies. All bodies have supported the need for the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI).

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Chair, Audit Advisory Council: Mr Geoff Gorrie
Executive Director: Mr Blair Wood
Online: NLWRA web site

land & water australia

ANZLIC is also working with Land & Water Australia (LWA) to enhance data and information management within the organisation. In its capacity as a research and development corporation LWA funds a large number of research projects, most of which generate spatial information. It is important that this information is not lost and is accessible for fututre use.

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Executive Director: Mr Andrew Campbell
Online: LWA web site