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ANZLIC The Spatial Information Council
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Western Australia

Member: Mr Mike Bradford
Chief Executive
Represented on:

ANZLIC Standing Committee on Land Administration (Chair)

Contact Officer:
Jurisdictional coordinating body: Western Australian Land Information System

The Western Australian Land Information System (WALIS) is a partnership of 27 State Government agencies, local government authorities and an increasing number of private organisations dedicated to improving the management and use of the State's land and geographic information.

WALIS helps build networks of people and technology to share geographic information and to improve its usefulness and accessibility.

WALIS also provides the framework that enables coordination of the State's geographic information, and establishes policies and standards that ensure the effective management of this vast collective resource.

Above all, WALIS is committed to making it easier for everyone to find and use quality geographic information over any part of Western Australia for their own needs and interests.

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