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Northern Territory


Mr Vic Stephens
Chair, NT Land Information Coordination Committee

Contact Officer:
Jurisdictional coordinating body: Northern Territory Department of Planning and Infrastructure

The Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) is designated as the lead agency for spatial information management across the Northern Territory Government. This lead agency role includes:

Establishing and maintaining mechanisms for coordination across agencies;
Development of strategy, policy and standards;
Defining whole of government data capture programs;
Providing corporate spatial information services, such as the NT Spatial Data Directory; and
Providing advice and support to agencies, local government and other organisations involved in spatial information management or use.
Relevant agencies are represented on the Land Information Coordination Committee, which is chaired by DPI. Specific issues are addressed through technical working groups. Responsibilities of agencies are defined in a Memorandum of Understanding between the Chief Executive of the lead agency and other Chief Executives.

Following a major restructure of the NT Government during 2002, these arrangements are being reviewed to take account of growing use of spatial information by local government and community groups and the potential for stronger local linkages with Commonwealth agencies operating in the NT.

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