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Australian Government

Member: Dr Chris Pigram
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Geoscience Australia
Represented on: ANZLIC Strategy and Policy Group & ANZLIC Emerging Issues and Geospatial Futures Standing Committee
Contact Officer:
Jurisdictional coordinating body: Australian Government Office of Spatial Data Management

The Office of Spatial Data Management (OSDM) was established in December 2001 to administer the Australian Government's Spatial Data Access and Pricing Policy. The Policy is designed to maximise the Australian Government's benefits from the application of spatial data, and to lower barriers to and otherwise expedite government, industry and community access to spatial data held by public sector agencies.

The role of the OSDM is to:

  1. Provide secretariat support for interdepartmental committees that have been set up to coordinate cross-portfolio implementation of the Policy, namely:

    • The Spatial Data Policy Executive (SDPE), the peak committee—Chief Executive level—established to oversee and advise the Minister on Policy implementation. The Chair of the SDPE represents the Australian Government on ANZLIC.

    • The Spatial Data Management Group (SDMG)—Senior Executive Service level—set up to oversee the work program of OSDM, provide technical advice to the CSDPE, and develop performance indicators for evaluating the efficacy of the policy.

    • working groups established under the SDMG to address technical issues concerning the policy and to identify ways of meeting common agency requirements.

  2. Establish and maintain links with all Australian Government agencies that collect, manage and use spatial data for the purposes of sharing experience and expertise, and to provide technical advice to the SDMG.

  3. Promote efficient use of Australian Government spatial data assets.

  4. Represent the Australian Government in the negotiation of whole-of-government spatial data access arrangements with the States and Territories.

  5. Foster the development of a private sector spatial information industry.

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