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Spatial Data Infrastructure Standing Committee

ANZLIC's interests in the Australian Spatial Data Infrastructure (ASDI) are coordinated by the Spatial Data Infrastructure Standing Committee (SDI SC).

role of the SDI SC

The role of the SDI SC is to facilitate solutions to the various barriers facing the ASDI and to continue to monitor those factors driving the ASDI.

The committee recognises that elements of the ASDI already exist, including some policies and guidelines, metadata records and institutional arrangements. However, there is more to do to ensure the successful implementation of the ASDI.

A number of priorities for further action are:

  • Improve institutional arrangements.
  • Develop policies and guidelines to remove barriers to information flows.
  • Facilitate all jurisdictions moving in the same direction on policy issues such as access and pricing, copyright and privacy.
  • Coordinate development and adoption of a minimum set of standards focussed on data quality.
  • Facilitate useful and well documented statements of data quality.
  • Update directories of available information (the ASDD needs fixing to provide a useful "road map" to available information).
  • Facilitate interoperability where needed to support flows of information.
  • Promote "integratability" of data where needed (what needs to fit together should fit together).
  • Investigate defining and refining priorities for national datasets.

The committee acknowledges that the ASDI should be more than an aggregation of individual jurisdictional spatial data infrastructures and that it is important to identify and engage all stakeholders in the evolution of the ASDI.



Dr Neil Williams (Chair)
Dr Kym Nicolson
Mr Steve Jacoby
Mr Grahame Searle
Mr Des Mooney
Mr Ollie Hedberg
Mr Tony Wheeler
Prof Ian Williamson
Dr Steve Blake
PSMA Australia

achievements to date

The SDI SC has prepared a position paper which has been adopted by ANZLIC. The paper sets out a new vision for the ASDI and outlines drivers, priorities and barriers to implementing the ASDI, as well as outlining some short term actions.

A Technical Working Group has prepared an architectural model for a web-based ASDI Distribution Network.