ANZLIC is the peak Government body in Australia and New Zealand with the core responsibility for the stewardship of spatial information. The key role of ANZLIC is to develop policies and strategies to promote accessibility to and usability of spatial information. ANZLIC has an advocacy role and is pivotal as the core link between government and other members of the broad spatial information industry base. The Council’s vision is that Australia’s and New Zealand’s economic growth, and social and environmental interests are underpinned by spatially referenced information that is current, complete, accurate, affordable, accessible and integratable.

Spatial information is at the core of a number of services, from traditional surveying to contemporary applications as diverse as ambulance dispatch services, bushfire management, and commercial asset mapping and planning. Spatial information has scientific and technical links to many other disciplines such as environmental science, engineering, computer science, health delivery, logistics, planning, geography, and electronics.

There can be many barriers to information access such as organizational boundaries between agencies, jurisdictions, and nations; lack of consistent information standards; and use of incompatible or inappropriate technologies. ANZLIC is encouraging the development of consistent government policies within Australia and New Zealand to minimize these barriers wherever possible and is working with all government jurisdictions and the private sector to develop policies and guidelines which adopt an international best practice which is relevant to conditions found by practitioners and users of spatial information in both countries.