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Have a great experience exploring the culture of New Zealand

You will have plenty of places which offer the exciting, unique and picturesque experience for the holiday travellers in New Zealand. New Zealand has always been known for being the place filled with surreal scenic beauty where nature is at its prettiest here. Apart from the mesmerising scenery, the place is also said to offer many adventure sports such as mountain biking and another kind of sports including rugby. New Zealand has thousands of visitors a month who travel from all parts of the globe just to soak in and have a relaxing and fun time with their friends and family or even an adventure on their own.

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Paying a visit to Roturua is a Must

One of the locations that always tops the travel itinerary of New Zealand is Roturua. This place is the epitome of all cultural affairs and experience. It is not merely about sports, hot springs or cycling. Roturua is the ideal location for those people who have come all the way from abroad only to get an experience and feel of the culture of New Zealand or for those residents who have not yet had the chance to experience the original New Zealand yet. If you wish to explore the rich history of New Zealand, if you would like to get to know the place better, then Roturua is the place for you.

Get to know the warrior side of the Maori tribe

Another place in New Zealand where you can get an experience of the highly interesting culture of the Maoris is the Mitai Maori village. Try and set you plan in such a way so that you can to spend at least the evening in Roturua as it would give you the chance to witness the warriors of the Maori in their traditional dress made of the warrior.

Travel through the history of New Zealand

As you embark on a journey through the old pages of history and get to experience the unique culture of this particular tribe. Doing so you will also get to experience the famous Haka live, which is a dance of war of the traditional Maoris. Through this warrior dance, the ancient weaponry techniques and strategies of the Maoris are depicted. Where the whole purpose of the dance is to make facial expressions before going to war to intimidate the opposition.

Know about their culture and heritage

Another amusing thing which you will see is the preparation of hangi in an oven over the pit. If you wish to know about all the various cultures, the enriching history of New Zealand, and a chance to get to know the local people from up front and personal, then paying a visit to the Mitai Maori Village is a must. Another long buried village which is located to the south-east of the town, once you have travelled almost fifteen minutes through the is the Te Wairoa. This village was destroyed in the year 1886 due to a natural phenomenon but is now a natural museum which lets people travel and gain knowledge about the natives from the place called Tuhourangi. You must visit this native village at least once and it is definitely a must see on your bucket list if you wish to immerse yourself into New Zealand culture and the way this particular tribe has adapted to the modern world over the last century.